The Great Revolving Boulevard (pt. 2)

The attached selection of work focuses mainly on creating an overall appreciation for the project, an architectural speedform. Further development will build upon this general knowledge and yield greater detail.

Formally, The Great Revolving Boulevard adheres to the causality form language. Five beams, each one defined by an increased length relative to the last, are projected sideways from each large disc, as though propelled by the momentum afforded by the Boulevard revolutions. By understanding the function of The Great Revolving Boulevard, that is to say the amplification of walking by means of a revolving motion, we can determine the cause, that is to say the natural physical law of rotational momentum, which ultimately reveals the effect: a visual representation of rotation through the far-reaching beams.

For further functionality, by attaching conglomerates of buildings, the beams serve as docks for modular and suspended housing or business units. Through minimal ground contact, the beams are meant as a way of dampening earthquake forces within the buildings. Early development of the latter’s architecture focused on visually representing frequency waves. As of now, their architecture is marked by a fractured identity, as though they are built or vibration.

As always, design development continues.


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