The Great Revolving Boulevard (pt. 3)

Further development of The Great Revolving Boulevard.

The image below depicts the intended overall dimensions and service area of the Boulevard, relative to Hollywood & West Hollywood geographic & topographic features. Crosshatching indicates underground infrastructure, portions of The Great Revolving Boulevard that are not visible from the surface streets. As mentioned in a previous post, randomly placed ground openings would provide ample natural light to the underground discs.

Though the plan and elevation diagrams below are not representative of the final manifestation of the project, they allow for a clearer picture of its intended scope. As it stands now, the aboveground network would extend above both Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, before converting into underground infrastructure shortly before the Sunset Strip origins. The underground portion directionally transitions into a South-Western path, heading towards the intersection of Melrose Avenue and Robertson Boulevard.

As always, design development continues.


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