vi. Causality: The Form of Astronauto

Introduction to Causality: The Form of Astronauto (Causality: The Form of Weave Transformed)

He argues in favor of a policy of tolerating and even encouraging diversity in accents and dialects in school and, more generally, fostering a much more tolerant attitude towards linguistic diversity in society as a whole.

p.103, Verbal Deficit, J.C.B. Gordon

As with the transportation systems of Astronauto themselves, the formal characters of these mobility solutions are multidimensional. Different transportation systems serving different purposes require different aesthetics, regardless of their common fundamental form language of causality. As with any language, causality may be spoken in a variety of accents and dialects, defined by the circumstances and environments in which they were conceived and in which they have evolved.

Individually dependent on their intended purpose and/or inner workings as the root of their aesthetic virtues, the transportation systems of Astronauto must not only extend the mobile functions of man, but also extend the formal characters of the laws of movement and its related systems. By visually relaying information with regards to the function of a vehicle by assessing its cause and representing the subsequent effect, a first level of knowledge about the Astronauto system in its entirety becomes accessible to astronauts. In other words, transparency adds simplicity to the complex network of transportation systems and supporting infrastructures that is Astronauto. Upon evaluation of the physical manifestations of individual vehicles or vehicle systems, travelers gain the advantage of understanding the functions of these vehicles as well as the role they play within the greater network. Initially, this transparency becomes useful is identifying the available transportation tools, as well as in what way a relationship can be established between the traveller and one or more vehicle systems. By adequately assessing the available systems, an effective network emerges that will ultimately aspire to meet the mobility needs of the traveller.

The diversity of shapes that should define the Astronauto project establishes a visual mapping and classification system for the systems within systems of the system itself.


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