ii. Preface

As we enter the era of Spaceship Earth, so too does mankind evolve into its Astronaut existence. It is no longer acceptable for transportation vehicles to be regarded as Spacesuits for Astronaut mobility. The static, restricting, and isolated vehicles of present day are quickly becoming outdated, both locally and globally. Contemporary mobility extensions fail to operate synonymously with Nature, opting instead to defy natural behavior. In a time when our lifestyle has brought upon a more ephemeral meaning to home, now more than ever, we must contemplate the future of movement. Vehicles must become Astronauts themselves, seamlessly integrated into the woven fabric of Human and Spaceship Earth infrastructures, and evolve into transportation systems. Vehicles must evolve into ASTRONAUTO.

The ASTRONAUTO blog is meant as a platform for open dialogue about the future of transportation onboard Spaceship Earth. Contributions from all fields are encouraged in the comments sections.


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